Window Cleaning

Let us wash away your window woes!

Our Pro-Certified Contractors each have at least 13 years of experience and are highly trained to do an incredibly detailed cleaning of your windows. We pride ourselves on quality. And all our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Any streaks, smears, smudges, or finger pointers will be dealt with immediately.

We are also licensed and insured for your total peace of mind. If you want a quick splish-splash and on to the next window job, our company is not for you. But if you want a thorough window cleaning, one you will be happy with, the kind where you are proud to tell your friends, family and neighbors all about it, then please contact us. We do stay booked solid though, so it is best to call 859-492-5543 early to get the appointment date and time you want.

Fayette Window Cleaning = winning windows, practical prices!

Fayette Window Cleaning also offers monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc. scheduled Window Cleanings, Gutter Cleanings, House Washes, Surface Cleanings, etc. Whatever you need, we have got you covered!

Did contractors leave your windows, siding, brick, etc. a mess after renovations to your home? Or is there a lot of construction in your neighborhood? If you need a more thorough cleaning than normal, just let us know and we can give you a special, one-time estimate for that as well. 

New windows and new construction often require specialized cleaning also. We can handle that too!

And don’t forget to clean your windows, siding, brick, etc. before company comes for the holidays and for special occasions!

We also clean chandeliers, mirrors, ceiling fans, interior/exterior light fixtures, and many other hard to reach or difficult to clean things you might have in your home.

Simply call (859) 492-5543 today or ask one of our Pro-Certified Contractors when they come to your home for a price.

How do we clean your windows?

We’ve perfected our 10-Step Window Cleaning System over the past 20 years of cleaning Lexington’s windows:

1. We start by removing each screen (and storm window if necessary) from every window and/or door. We then wash both sides of your screens with a soft bristle brush using a very concentrated professional window cleaning solution and let the screens air dry.

2. Then we begin cleaning the outside of your windows using a soft strip washer and a very concentrated professional window cleaning solution.

3. Next, we use a scrubber to get off any paint overspray, dirt, bugs, sap, etc.

4. After wetting the window again with our strip washer and solution, we squeegee the water off and towel dry around the edges and sills.

5. Inside the house we are careful not to track in any dirt or debris from outside before we carefully move any furniture needed to clean the windows.

6. The inside windows are cleaned in almost the identical manner as the outside of the windows (see Steps 2, 3 and 4 above): soft strip washer with very concentrated professional window cleaning solution, scrubber as necessary, then strip washer and solution again before squeegee and towel drying edges and sills. Obviously when inside we are very mindful, careful, and gentle of your floors, walls, finishes, furniture, and all your belongings.

7. While inside, we also clean the window tracks and windowsills very thoroughly.

8. We then put all the clean, dry screens (and storms if applicable) back in place.

9. To finish up, we walk around your home to double check all the windows to make sure there are no streaks, smears, smudges, or finger pointers.

10. And then we carefully put all your furniture back where it belongs (if any was moved).

If you are home, we prefer to get you to do a walk-through with us to make sure you are 100% satisfied before we show you the electronic invoice. We then give you the option to pay with a credit card immediately or we can email you the invoice and you can pay online later or mail us a check.

If you are not home, we can email you the invoice to be paid online, or you can mail us a check.

Why should you choose Fayette Window Cleaning?

  • We have been cleaning Lexington’s windows for 20 years!
  • We are LOCALLY owned and operated
  • We were voted the #1 business by our peers in the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s Minority Business Contractors certification program
  • We are an A+ rated member of Better Business Bureau in Lexington, KY
  • We are the ONLY professional window cleaning company in Lexington, KY that is a member of the Window Cleaning Resource Association
  • We service many apartment communities throughout Lexington and are a proud member of Greater Lexington Apartment Association (

Call or text (859) 492-5543 to schedule a FREE consultation! Or click here for a FREE quote!