Roof Cleaning

Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning System can dramatically increase your property value!

Fayette Window Cleaning, LLC removes the harmful mold, moss, algae (specifically gloeocapsa magma – see below for more info), lichen, and mildew that can cause those unsightly streaks and stains on your tile, metal, slate, or wooden or asphalt shingle roof.

Our NO PRESSURE ROOF CLEANING SYSTEM is safe, effective and roof manufacturer approved, unlike regular pressure washing. Cleaning your roof regularly with our No Pressure Roof Cleaning System can help maximize the lifespan of your roof, thus saving you money in the long run, keeping your home/business looking its best, AND adding to its property value!

People often don’t think about it, but depending on the type of house or building, the roof can be more than 50% of the exterior. So not only does the condition of the roof make a huge impression visually, but it is also obviously vital to the protection of the structure.

The mold, algae, moss, lichen, mildew, etc. are not just eyesores, if left untreated they will likely:

quickly spread

feed off the roof’s granules (the small particles protecting your shingles)

or eat away the clear coat on tile roofs

eventually loosening the granules

cause considerable roof degradation

trigger your shingles/tiles to fall off

shorten the life of your roof

cause your roof to leak

result in structural damage to your home

cause internal property damage within your home

In fact, many insurance companies are now even insisting that their customers get roof cleanings or risk homeowner policy cancellation! The insurance companies know that with mold, algae, moss, lichen, mildew, etc. ridden stains and streaks on their policy holders’ roofs, it is only a matter of time before damage begins (if it hasn’t already). And of course, they do not want to have to pay $5,000 – $10,000+ to replace each policy holder’s roof (not to mention any other structural or interior damage that may result from a leak)!

Check out this specific example on YouTube:

Fayette Window Cleaning, LLC will not only remove the harmful mold, algae, lichen, and mildew from your roof, we will also create a healthier and more attractive environment for your home or business. Plus, our No Pressure Roof Cleaning System will not damage your roofs’ shingles/tiles!

Fayette Window Cleaning, LLC, absolute clean, incomparable value.

Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning make roof stains a thing of the past!

More reasons to choose us for your Roof Cleaning:

  • Cleaning roofs requires climbing ladders, which can be incredibly dangerous. In the United States, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, “ladder falls result in more than 164,000 emergency room visits each year, with 300 deaths” (! At Fayette Window Cleaning all our technicians are properly trained, and we are insured for your peace of mind.
  • Roof cleaning obviously requires walking on roofs – also hazardous if you do not have experience doing so. Roofs can be particularly treacherous with algae, mold, mildew, etc., and made even more slippery with water and professional cleaning solution. Fayette Window Cleaning has the necessary equipment, experience, and insurance to clean your roof safely and professionally EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  • And let’s be honest, cleaning roofs can be dirty, grimy, messy, often slimy, and just plain gross. Fayette Window Cleaning can handle all the dirty work for you, and we will clean up every bit of the mess!
  • We have been cleaning roofs in Lexington and the surrounding areas since 2001 – that’s 20 years of experience!
  • We guarantee our service.
  • We also offer multi-service discounts if you bundle multiple services on the same day. Just ask when you call to schedule your estimate or appointment.
  • Locally owned and operated for 20 years!
  • Honored member of the Commerce Lexington Minority Business Accelerator Program
  • A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau of Lexington, KY.
  • Privileged to be the #1 top rated class in the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) Minority Business Enterprise Program.
  • Proud member of the Greater Lexington Apartment Association (GLAA).

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More about Gloeocapsa Magma:

Gloeocapsa magma gained notoriety in the Southeastern United States in the 1990s, but it has since spread throughout most of the rest of the United States and Canada. This particular type of cyanobacteria is responsible for creating black stains and streaks on roofs.[1] The bacteria accumulate over time as it feeds on moisture and calcium carbonate.[2] This accumulation begins to show the black stains as the cyanobacteria develop their dark and hard UV-protective outer coating.

The main reasons for the rapid spread and noticeability of these cyanobacteria are thought to be:

  1. Rising humidity and temperatures combined with more and more bacteria spores promotes their spread with these favorable conditions.
  2. Fiberglass shingles are made with limestone as a filler (in the asphalt). These shingles hold moisture and organic “bacteria food” material longer (especially on the North-side in the Midwest of the USA) than the paper/asphalt/ceramic shingles of the 1980s. The bacteria are airborne. This cyanobacteria causes substantial destruction to roofs causing shingle decay and loss of reflective power. Over time, Gloeocapsa magma breaks down the shingles by feeding off of the limestone granules embedded in the shingles.[citation needed] This decreases a roof’s ability to reflect ultra-violet rays of light and shortens the life of the roof.

Once the bacteria have become noticeable, the stains will continue to worsen year to year. As the bacterial colony grows, gravity pulls it downward, resulting in the smear-like stain down roofs. Most experts within the subject area conclude the bacteria to be harmful, if left untreated, as the growth holds moisture within shingles causing premature aging, rotting, and/or granule loss.[citation needed]

The buildup of Gloeocaspa magma on residential properties has led to earlier roof replacements, lowered property resale values, insurance companies canceling policies and increased utility costs as the black stained roofing draws in more heat.


There are many available options for the eradication of Gloeocapsa Magma, the most common and most widely accepted solution being an application of Sodium Hypochlorite[3] as well as Copper Sulfate. The preferred technique is a non-pressure application of a properly proportioned detergent mix, as this will avoid costly damage to the shingles. Many roof cleaning contractors offer this method of cleaning.”