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Gutters cluttered?

Prevent costly repairs and unwanted pests with routine Gutter Cleanings!

Unsightly gutters and downspouts clogged with leaves and debris can cause extensive damage to your home! Keeping gutters clog-free is smart preventative maintenance because they keep water flowing away from your home and can help prevent the following problems:


Gutter system damage/failure

Allowing too much water and debris to build up in your gutters can damage and potentially destroy your gutters. They may not be built to hold that much weight (debris clogs and a prolonged downpour can put them under hundreds of gallons of pressure). In addition, the wind or water pressure may cause tree limbs to puncture a section or could possibly wrench part of the gutters loose in some areas.


Standing water, soaked debris, or repeated occurrences of either/both, can cause a buildup of mold/mildew which is an allergen for many people, and can cause severe respiratory problems for others who have pre-existing health problems or allergies or compromised immune systems.

Rotten wood

When water sits in your gutters during a clog, it can prevent the wooden fascia boards the gutters are mounted to around your house from drying out causing it to rot, letting moisture enter your home and possibly cause wall and ceiling damage. If the gutters are not cleaned out, the rotted area(s) will quickly worsen and can cause extensive damage.

Ice dams

In the winter months, ice dams in your gutters could possibly drive snow melt under your shingles causing a roof leak and potential ceiling and wall damage.

Flooded basements

Clogged gutters are the most common cause of water damage in basements. If water comes off your roof and has no other place to go, it will likely take the easiest path – inside your soffits/siding/walls all the way to the lowest point of your home where it pools.

Foundation cracks

Overflowing gutters cause water to fall along the foundation of buildings, which can soften the soil under and around it possibly leading to foundation cracks. Also, when the water settles and freezes it can cause frost-heave leading to severe cracks to foundation walls.

Insect/pest breeding/nesting

Standing water and debris clogged gutters are a haven for the breeding and/or nesting of many types of detrimental insects including mosquitos, bees, wasps, termites and other wood destroying insects like carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, longhorned beetles, and carpenter bees. Mosquitos are disease carrying nuisances; bees and wasps can be a nightmare for people with allergies to stinging insects; and termites and other wood destroying insects can cause extensive damage to your home.
Squirrels, mice, raccoons, opossums, birds, and snakes are some of the animals who find clogged gutters and downspouts a cozy place to visit and/or nest. And many of them choose to chew through the wood around your gutters and try to move straight into your walls or attic.

Why choose Fayette Window Cleaning for your Gutter Cleaning needs?

Cleaning gutters requires climbing ladders, which can be incredibly dangerous. In the United States, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, “ladder falls result in more than 164,000 emergency room visits each year, with 300 deaths” (!

Gutter cleaning also frequently requires walking on roofs – also dangerous if you do not have experience doing so. We have the necessary equipment, experience, and insurance to do it safely and professionally every time. And let’s be honest, cleaning gutters is dirty, grimy, messy, often slimy, and just plain gross. Let us handle all the dirty work for you, plus we’ll clean up every bit of the mess!

We have been cleaning gutters in Lexington and the surrounding areas since 2001 – that’s almost 20 years of experience! We guarantee our service, and we even offer quarterly, bi-annually, or annual maintenance programs. We also offer multi-service discounts if you bundle multiple services on the same day.

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Have you ever noticed how discolored your gutters look? We can clean the OUTSIDE of your gutters too! Over time dark stains and streaks often build up on the outside of your gutters and downspouts. Getting rid of this frequently neglected accumulation is like the icing on the cake to help your home dazzle!
(We can also do some minor gutter repairs – just ask one of our helpful technicians to take a look and if we cannot fix it, we will refer you to someone who can.)
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