Experience Crystal Clear Views with Fayette Pro Wash

Have you ever wondered about the magic that transforms your blurred views into crystal clear sights? That’s the magic Fayette Pro Wash has been perfecting for the past 20 years in Lexington. Each home we step into becomes a canvas for our 10-step Window Cleaning System, turning smudgy windows into sparkling vistas.

Starting with screen removal, followed by an intensive cleaning process using professional solutions and soft bristle brushes, your windows are treated with utmost care. Sticky residue, bugs, paint overspray, and dirt are all thoroughly removed using a scrubber. The windows are then dried to avoid any water spots or streaks.

Stepping inside, we ensure not a speck of dirt enters your home with us. Each piece of furniture is carefully moved and your windows are cleaned following the same meticulous process as the outside. Your window tracks and windowsills are also cleaned thoroughly. Once done, all screens are placed back, furniture is carefully arranged back in place, and a final inspection is conducted to ensure a pristine, streak-free finish.

But why should you choose Fayette Pro Wash over others? Here’s why – apart from being a locally-owned enterprise, we have also received recognition as the #1 business in the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s Minority Business Contractors certification program. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and membership in the Window Cleaning Resource Association, our credentials speak for themselves.

We are committed to making every window in Lexington shine, including those in many apartment communities. Our hard work has made us a proud member of Greater Lexington Apartment Association (GLAA).

So, next time your windows or screens need a professional touch, you know who to call. Get in touch with us at (859) 492-5543 for a FREE consultation or click here for a FREE quote! Experience the Fayette Pro Wash difference today.

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by Alex Asis